What To Do At A Funeral

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Proper funeral home etiquette is important to follow when attending services after a loved one has passed away. Since it is not every day that we attend funerals, proper etiquette for the funeral home may be unbeknownst to you. This handy guide ensures that you know what is expected when you attend a funeral service brookfield il.

First, make sure to send flowers to the funeral home. They’re inexpensive and an excellent way to send condolences to the loved ones left behind. If the family requests donations in lieu of flowers, respect the family’s wishes at this time.

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There will be a guest book to sign upon entrance to the funeral home. Make sure to sign your name. If your entire family is attending the visitation, you can sign it ‘and family’ to save space if you prefer. Signing the guest book provides the family a way to track who attended the funeral and serves as a memorandum from the date.

At one time, wearing black to a funeral visitation was proper etiquette. It is still considered a sign of respect, so if you want to wear black, it is perfectly acceptable. However, do not think that it mandatory to wear black. Do dress up for the visitation, but comfort is the most important thing to remember.

Always offer your condolences to the family upon arrival at the funeral home and make sure that you share in conversation with them, and of course, bask in memories that you hold with the person. The family will love to hear your stories of their beloved family member and it may very well make them smile at this very difficult time.

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is not easy but may be something that you encounter during life. Use these funeral etiquette tips if you need to attend a funeral.