Water Dredging Is No Longer A Drudging Affair

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Water dredging is no longer a messy affair either. Using a watermaster dredger, you can now burrow your way down to nineteen feet below dry ground for all shallow water work. This piece of equipment allows you to streamline your existing inventory considerably. The dredger is a multipurpose apparatus. More work with few machines and big savings on maintenance and operational costs are possible too.

watermaster dredger

Maintenance work is made light work of with quickly changeable attachments, allowing you to be at an advantage to always respond quickly to your site’s (changing) requirements. The device is self-propelled. It is fully amphibious, always safe to use. The mobilization of this submersible vehicle is quite easy. You can place it on your standard trailer. Unloading is quick and you can move the vehicle into water without any crane assistance.

Labor has been cut. You only need one operator for this vehicle. There is no need for a whole host of attachments, anchors, wire cables, winches, you name it. If this is your business or it affects your business, and you are allowed to do so, you can now keep waterways in good condition. You will be doing your part in preventing floods and keeping all canals clean. The original creation of the water dredger is interesting.

It should be inspirational too. All the way out in Finland there was an urgent need to maintain inland waters arising from as many as two hundred thousand lakes. Conventional dredgers already in operation can only work in deep water, but not this dredger. It properly handles all required work in shallow water. And good to know that this useful and helpful inspiration works well as a sustainable development, being good for the environment too.