Monday June 19th Tuesday June 20th Wednesday June 21st
09:00 Registration/Opening Registration Registration
09:30 Jens Eisert
Trustworthy quantum simulators
Antonio Acín
Entanglement and non-locality detection in many-body systems
Marco Lucamarini
Experimental fully-connected quantum network and measurement-device-independent quantum digital signatures
10:00 Stefanie Barz
Distinguishability and many-particle interference
Stefano Pironio
A semi-device-independent framework based on natural physical assumptions
Anthony Leverrier
Security of continuous-variable quantum key distribution via a Gaussian de Finetti reduction
10:30 Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break
11:00 Hugo Zbinden
Self-testing QRNG: A lot of randomness for little trust!
Miguel Navascués
The problems of almost quantum physics
Rodney Van Meter
Quantum Internetworking
11:30 Anna Pappa
Multiparty Delegated Quantum Computing
Paul Skrzypczyk
Quantum teleportation from the perspective of
measurement-device-independent nonlocality
Denis Rosset
How do we establish sensible device-independent estimates with finite statistics?
12:00 Lunch break Lunch break Lunch break
14:00 Thomas Vidick
Robust and/or efficient tests for high-dimensional entanglement
Damian Markham
Simple verification of graph states and applications for
quantum networks
Masahito Hayashi
Verification of Measurement-Based Quantum Computation
14:30 Rotem Arnon-Friedman
Device-independent randomness amplification and privatization
Vedran Dunjko
Lego blocks of blind quantum computing
Petros Wallden
The Quantum Cut-and-Choose Technique and Quantum Two-Party Computation
15:00 Carl Miller
Parallel Device-Independent Quantum Key Distribution
Liu Yang
Experimental Test of Measurement Dependent Local (MDL) Bell inequality with free will random input
Nicolas Treps
Continuous variable quantum information with optical frequency comb
15:30 Coffee break Coffee break Closing remarks and coffee break
16:00 Peter Bierhost
Experimentally Generated Random Numbers Certified by the Impossibility of Superluminal Signaling
Adeline Orieux
Experimental detection of steerability for Bell-local states with two measurement settings
16:30 Dominique Unruh
Formal proofs in quantum cryptography
Si-Hui Tan
Computing on Quantum Shared Secrets
17:00 Poster session TyQI internal meeting
19:30 Conference dinner